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Company Country & Region Website
Xcess Biosciences, Inc. USA www.xcessbio.com
Xenon Discovery Limited USA www.xenondiscovery.net
XENOS Bioresources, Inc. USA www.xenosbioresources.com
Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Testing Technique Institute China www.hangfengchem.com
Xi'an App-Chem Bio (Tech) Co., Ltd. China www.appchem.cn
Xi'an Bangming Industry and Trade Co., Ltd CHINA www.xabangming.com
Xi'an Chemblossom Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. China www.chemblossom.com
Xi'an Ciyuan Biotech Co., Ltd. China www.ciybio.com
Xi'an Costrong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China www.costrongpharm.com
Xi'an Feida Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. China www.xafeida.cn
Xi'an Fude Technology Co., Ltd. China www.fudechem.com
Xi'an Gaoyuan Bio-Chem Co., Ltd. China www.gaoyuanbio.cn
Xi'an Green-Life Natural Products Co., Ltd. China www.gl-herb.com
Xi'an Haotian Bio-Engineering Technology Co., Ltd CHINA www.htinc.cn
Xi'an Huayao Pharm-Chem Institute China www.huayaochem.com
Xi'an Huifeng Biochemistry Joint Stock Corp. China www.xahuifeng.com
Xi'an Jiangxing Biotechnique Co., Ltd. China www.xajxsw.com
Xi'an Kaili Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.xakaili.com
Xi'an Keen-source Bio-technology Co., Ltd. China www.chinakeen.com
Xi'an Modern Chemistry & Industry Corporation CHINA www.modernchem.com.cn
Xi'an Qingfeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China www.qingfeng-chem.com
Xi'an Ruilian Modern Electronic Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.xarlm.com
Xi'an Saina Biological Technology Co., Ltd. China www.herbsino.com
Xi'an Sanjiang Biological Engineering Co., Ltd CHINA www.sanjiangbio.com.cn
Xi'an Sino-Herb Bio-technology Co., Ltd. China www.xasino-herb.com
Xi'an Sobeo Pharmtech Co., Ltd. China www.sobeo.com
Xi'an Taibao Pharmaceutical and Chemical Technology Co., Ltd CHINA www.taibaoyaohua.com
Xi'an Terra Biochem Co., Ltd. China www.terrabiochem.com
Xi'an Tian Ben Bio-engineering Co., Ltd. China www.tianbensw.com
Xi'an Tianxingjian Natural Bio-products Group CHINA www.txjherb.com
Xi'an Tianxingjian Pharmchem Enterprises Co., Ltd CHINA www.txjpharm.com
Xi'an TonKing Biotech Co., Ltd. China www.rensherb.com
Xi'an Union Pharmpro Co., Ltd. China www.unipharmpro.com
Xi'an Victory Scientific Industrial Trade Co., Ltd CHINA www.xavtr.com
Xi'an Wenyuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. China www.wenyuanchem.com
Xi'an Wonder Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.xawonder.com
Xi'an Xindifu Technology Co., Ltd CHINA www.xdfchem.com
Xi'an Yier Group CHINA www.yier.com.cn
Xi'an Yongshun Pharmachem Co., Ltd. China www.xayongshun.com
Xi'an Yuelai Medical Technology Co., Ltd. China www.yuelaiyiyao.cn
Xiajin County of Shandong Province chemical plant Zhenhua CHINA www.zhenhuachemical.com
Xiamen Ailikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. China www.xiamenalk.com
Xiamen Amoipharm Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.amoichem.com
Xiamen Bestally Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd CHINA www.bestally.com.cn
Xiamen Bokang Biology Technology Co., Ltd. China www.bkherb.com
Xiamen Dafenegli Fine Chemical Co, Ltd CHINA www.policosanolchina.com
Xiamen Ditai Chemicals Co., Ltd CHINA www.ditaichemicals.com
Xiamen Feihe Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.feihechem.com
Xiamen Flint Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.flintchem.com
Xiamen Forever Green Source Biochem Tech. Co., Ltd. China www.fgsbiochem.com
Xiamen Grandachem Co., Ltd. China www.grandachem.com
Xiamen Grape Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd CHINA www.grapef.com
Xiamen Halogenetics Biotechnology Co., Ltd. China www.halosyntech.com
Xiamen Kaijia Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. China www.kaijiachem.com
Xiamen Meddi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. CHINA www.meddichem.com
Xiamen Peony Perfume & Chemical Industry CO.,LTD. CHINA www.mdxh.com.cn
Xiamen Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd. China www.xm-pioneer.com
Xiamen Taimai Chemical Limited China www.timeschem.com
Xiamen Topusing Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.topusing.com
Xiamen Weihua Solar Co., Ltd. China www.weihua-solar.com
Xiamen XM-Innovation Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.xm-innovation.com
Xian Juzhou Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.xajuzhuo.com
Xian Medihealth Company Ltd. China www.xapharma.com
Xian Tai Lung Chemical Co. CHINA www.xadalong.com
Xian Tai Lung Chemical Co. CHINA www.panhuchem.com
Xian Unique Electronic & Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.china-unique.com
Xian Weijia Technology Co., Ltd. China www.xaweijia.com
Xianfeng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. CHINA www.xfchem.com.cn
Xiang Shan Medicinestars Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd CHINA www.medicinestars.com
Xiangding Chemical International Company CHINA www.xiangdingchem.com
Xiangfan Dongfang Iron Oxide Plgment Co., Ltd. China www.dongfang-pigments.com
Xiangfan Fengxiang Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd CHINA www.xffxchem.com
Xiangfan Gaolong Phosphous Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.xfglchem.com.cn
Xiangfan Goto Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.gotochem.com
Xiangfan Longye Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA www.longyechem.com
Xiangfan Mingxi Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.mingxichem.com
Xiangfan Yino Chemical Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.yinuochem.com
Xiangfan Yuchang Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd CHINA www.yuchangchem.com
Xiangshui Huasheng Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA www.jshshchem.com
Xiangshui Kunpeng Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.kunpengchem.cn
Xiangshui Modern Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd CHINA www.xiandaichem.com
Xiangshui Modern Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. China www.xsxdchem.com
Xiangtan Changsheng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.xtcschem.com
Xiangtan Huaying Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.huayingchem.com
Xiangtan Jufa Pigment Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. CHINA www.jufapigment.com
Xiangtan Xinxiang Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.xinxiangchem.com
Xiangxiang Yinqiao Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA www.yinqiaochem.com
Xiangyang Furunda Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. China www.furundachemical.com
Xiangyang Jinniu Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.jinniuchemical.com
Xiangyang Jinsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China www.xyjinsheng.com
Xiangyang King Success Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.king-success.com
Xianju Belter Co., Ltd CHINA www.belter.cn
Xianju Chuangye Chemical Factory China www.chuangyechem.com
Xianju County of days Chemical Co. CHINA www.cnskychem.com
Xianju County welfare inorganic chemical plant CHINA www.fuli-chem.com
Xianju Green Leaf Pharmaceutical Factory CHINA www.greenleafpharm.com
Xianju Hongyan Pharmaceutical Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.xjchemind.com
Xianju Huakang Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.huakangchem.cn
Xiantao Blue Sky Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.blueskychemical.com
Xiantao Chutian Fine Chemical Factory China www.chutianchem.com