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Company Country & Region Website
R R Agencies USA www.rragencies.com
R. K. Associate USA www.ramkishore.com
R.T. Vanderbilt Company, Inc. USA www.rtvanderbilt.com
Radiant Pharma & Tech. Co., Ltd. China www.radiant-pharma.com
RAIMS Limited www.raims.co.uk
Rainbow Lab China www.rainbowlabs.com
Rajputana Agrico India www.rajputanaagrico.com
Ram-Nath USA www.ram-nath.com
Ramidus AB Sweden www.ramidus.se
Ran Industrias Quimicas S.A. USA www.ransa.com
Rapharm Shanghai Co., Ltd. China www.rapharm.com
Rare Chemicals GmbH Germany www.rarechem.de
Raschig GmbH GERMANY www.raschig.de
RASCHIG GmbH Germany www.raschig.com
RATNAGIRI CHEMICALS PVT LTD USA www.ratnagiri-chemicals.com
RD-SYSTEMS 美国 www.rndsystems.com
Reade Advanced Materials USA www.reade.com
Reading Chemical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China www.redchemical.com
Reagent World USA www.reagentworld.com
Real-Times (Beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. China www.real-times.com.cn
Reanal Finechemical Private Ltd. Hungary www.reanal.com
Reaxis, Inc. USA www.reaxis.com
Rebo Biochemical Technology Limited China www.rebobiochem.com
Rech Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.rechchem.com
Reco Tech Limited China www.recotechnology.com
Recordati ITALY www.recordati.it
RECORDATI S.P.A. Italy www.recordati.com
Red Crown Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd CHINA www.redcrownpharma.com
Reddy Chemtech Inc. USA www.reddychemtech.com
Reddy N Reddy Pharmaceuticals India www.reddynreddypharma.com
Refine Chemicals Science and Technology Developing Co., Ltd CHINA www.refinechemicals.com
Refulgent Pharma Pvt Ltd India www.refulgentpharma.com
Regis Technologies, Inc. USA www.registech.com
Reheis- A General Chemical Company USA www.reheis.com
Reindeer Biotech Co., Ltd. China www.reindeerbiotech.cn
Reliable Pharma Sci & Tech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China www.reliabpharma.com
Renmai Biology Technology Co., Ltd. China www.renmaichem.com
Renown Chemicals (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. China www.renown-chemicals.com
Rensin Chemicals Limited China www.rensin-chem.com
ReseaChem LIFE Science Switzerland www.reseachem.ch
Research Chemicals Eu www.researchchemicals.net
Research Directions Pty Ltd. Australia www.researchdirections.com.au
Research Organics Inc. USA www.resorg.com
Research Organics, Inc. USA www.researchorganics.com
Research Plus, Inc. USA www.researchplus.com
Reuter Chemische Apparatebau KG Germany www.rca-separations.de
Revitalization chemical plant in Shijiazhuang City CHINA www.zhenxing-chem.com
RheinPerChemie GmbH GERMANY www.rheinperchemie.com
Rhodia (shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd. China www.rhodia.com
Rhodia Asia - Hengchang (Zhangjiagang) Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd. CHINA www.rhodia-hengchang.com
Rhodia Rare Earths FRANCE www.rhodia-ec.com
RIA International LLC USA www.riausa.net
Ricci Chimica Italy www.riccichimica.com
Rich Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.richchem.com
Richchem International Trading Co., Ltd. China www.chemrg.com
Richest Group Limited China www.richest-group.com
Richland Chemicals Co., Ltd CHINA www.richlandchem.com
Richman Chemical Inc. USA www.richmanchemical.com
Riddhi Pharma USA www.riddhipharmaindia.com
Riding out chemical limited liability company CHINA www.chinalimin.com
Rieke Metals, Inc. USA www.riekemetals.com
RihaChem CZECH REPUBLIC www.rihachem.com
Ring Specialty Chemicals Inc. Canada www.ringchemicals.com
Rintech, Inc. USA www.rintechinc.com
Rishabh Intermediates India www.porwal.net
Rishabhcolours Pvt. ltd USA www.rishabhcolours.com
RISHIROOP POLYMERS PVT. LTD. South Korea www.rishiroop.com
Rising Pharmaceutical International Co., Ltd. China www.risingpharm.com
Rit-Chem Co., Inc. USA www.ritchem.com
Riverstone Kam-Acer Group subsidiaries in Zibo in Shandong CHINA www.renhongchem.com
Rivocean Group Co., Ltd. China www.rivocean.com
Riyuexin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. China www.pharmapi.com
RnD SciChem, LLC USA www.rndscichem.com
Robinson Brothers Limited (RBL) UNITED KINGDOM www.rblrd.co.uk
Robinson Brothers Ltd UNITED KINGDOM www.rbltd.co.uk
ROCC S.A. BELGIUM www.rocc.be
Roche USA www.roche.com
Roche Applied Science USA www.roche-applied-science.com
Rockland Immunochemicals Inc. USA www.rockland-inc.com
Rodvan Fine Chemicals Ltd CHINA www.rodvan.com
rohmhaas USA www.rohmhaas.com
Rohnerchem SWITZERLAND www.rohnerchem.ch
Rolling into the Wujiang City Limited (Tongluo dye chemical plant in Wujiang City) CHINA www.luolin.com
ROMIL Pure Chemistry UNITED KINGDOM www.romil.com
Ronas Chemicals Ind. Co., Ltd CHINA www.ronasgroup.com
Rongcheng Chemical General Factory Co., Ltd. CHINA www.rchchem.com
Rongcheng Dongli Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA www.fuxindongli.com
Rongcheng K&S Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.keshengchem.com
Rongcheng Tianyu Technology Co., Ltd. China www.cn-tianyu.com
Rose Mill Company USA www.rosemill.com
Rosewa (HK) Holding Group Co., Ltd. China www.rosewachem.com
Rosewachem Co., Ltd CHINA www.rosewachem.com
Rosewell Industry Co., Ltd. China www.synbiochem.com
Rosi Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.lerui.com
Rosi Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.rosichem.com
Rota Pharm & Chem Co., Ltd. China www.rota-pharm.com
Rotrn the Shanghai Biological Technology Co., Ltd. China www.rcswkj.com
Royce International USA www.royceintl.com
RR Labs Inc. USA www.rrlabsinc.com
RSChem, LLC USA www.rschem.net