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Company Country & Region Website
P and M Invest Ltd. Russia www.fluorine.ru
P+M Polimer Kemia Kft. Hungary www.epoxi.hu
P.d.fine chem USA www.pdfine.com
P.D.INDUSTRIES INDIA www.pdindustries.com
Pahi, S.L. SPAIN www.tartaricchemicals.com
PAI SL Spain www.tartaricacid-tartrate.com
Palchem France www.palchem.com
Palindent Organic Intermediates ISRAEL www.palindent.com
Palmland Technical Development Co., Ltd. China www.usapalmland.com
Pan Greek Jiangsu Chemical Co. (former chemical plant in Taixing City nr) CHINA www.wtrchem.com
Pang'an Qucheng Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.quchengchem.com
Panjiang Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.pjchem.com
Panjin DMSO Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.dmso.net.cn
Panjin Far East Chemicals Co., Ltd CHINA www.msm-asia.com
Panjin Green Biological Development Co., Ltd. China www.gelinenbio.com
Panjin Panzhu Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd., CHINA www.pzchem.com
Panjin Tianyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China www.skypharm.cn
Panoli Intermediates India Private Limited USA www.panoliindia.com
PARAGOS GERMANY www.paragos.com
Paratherm Corporation USA www.paratherm.com
Parchem Trading Ltd. USA www.par-chem.com
Parchem Trading Ltd. USA www.parchem.com
Parish Chemical Company USA www.parishchemical.com
Parkway Scientific USA www.parkwayscientific.com
Parling (Shanghai) PharmaTech Co., Ltd. China www.southpharma.com
Parshwnath Dyechem Ind. Pvt. Ltd. USA www.parshwnath.com
Parth Antibiotics Pvt Ltd India www.parthantibiotics.com
Parth Antibiotics Pvt Ltd. India www.parthoverseas.net
Patel Chemopharma PVT .LTD INDIA www.kpateldyes.com
PCASBP France www.pcas.fr
PCI Synthesis, Inc. USA www.pcisynthesis.com
PDM, Inc. USA www.pdmchemicals.com
Peacekeeping in Jiaozuo City of Fine Chemical Co. CHINA www.weilianchem.com
Peach Qingdao Double Fine Chemical Industry (Group) Co. Ltd. CHINA www.qddyes.com
Peakdale Molecular Ltd. www.peakdale.co.uk
Pechiney USA www.pechiney-chemicals.com
Peking University Zoteq Co., Ltd CHINA www.chinaperfumer.com
Penglai Chemical, Inc CHINA www.penglaichem.com
Penglai Huamao Fine Chemicals Limited CHINA www.sumalon.com
Penglai Marine Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. China www.foodelite.com
Penglai Qianwei Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.qianweichem.com
Penn A Kem, LLC USA www.pennakem.com
Penn Specialty Chemicals, Inc. USA www.pschem.com
Penreco Corporate USA www.penreco.com
Penta Manufacturing Company USA www.pentamfg.com
Pentagon Chemicals www.pentagonchemicals.co.uk
PeproTech Inc. USA www.peprotech.com
Peptanova GmbH Germany www.peptanova.de
PepTech Corporation USA www.peptechcorp.com
Peptide Institute, Inc. Japan www.peptide.co.jp
Peptides International, Inc. USA www.pepnet.com
Perfumers World USA www.perfumersworld.com
Perkin Elmer Life Sciences Inc. USA www.perkinelmer.com
Perstorp Specialty Chemicals AB Sweden www.perstorp.com
Peters Chemical USA www.peterschemical.com
Petra Research Inc. USA www.petraresearch.com
Pfaltz & Bauer, Inc. USA www.pfaltzandbauer.com
PFL Fine Chemicals GmbH GERMANY www.pfl-finechemicals.com
Pharma Medica Research Inc. USA www.pharmamedica.com
Pharmabl Ltd. China www.pharmabl.com
Pharmabridge, Inc. USA www.pharmabridgegroup.com
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Division of Sichuan Industrial Institute of Antibiotics CHINA www.siiachem.com
Pharmacon Technolgy Co., Ltd. China www.pharmacontech.com
PharmaCore Inc. USA www.pharmacore.com
PharmAgra Labs, Inc. USA www.pharmagra.com
PharmaSci Shanghai Co., Ltd. China www.pharmasci.com
Pharmasi Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.pharmasi.net
Pharmavantage (China) Limited China www.pharmavantage.com
Pharmaxyn Laboratories Ltd. China www.pharmaxyn.com
PharmaZell GmbH Germany www.pharmazell.com
Pharmco Products Inc. USA www.pharmco-prod.com
Pharmed Medicare (P) Ltd. INDIA www.pharmedmedicare.com
PHARMEKS Ltd. Russia www.pharmeks.com
Pharnorcia Inc. US USA www.pharnorcia.com
Phentex (Tianjin) Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.phentex.cn
Phentex Corporation USA www.phentex.com
Phoegon Resources Ltd. China www.phoegon.cn
PHT International Inc. USA www.phtchemical.com
Phytomarker Ltd. China www.phytomarker.com
PhytoTechnology Laboratories USA www.phytotechlab.com
Pierce Biotechnology, Inc. USA www.piercenet.com
Pingdingshan City District Keast dye works Shilong CHINA www.kaisitedyes.com
Pinghe Yongsheng Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd CHINA www.yongsheng98.com.cn
Pinghu Haida Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.haidachem.cn
Pingxiang Dewei New Material Co., Ltd. China www.jxdewei.com
Pingxiang Petrochemical Packing Co., Ltd. CHINA www.sino-packing.com
Pingxiang Taier Ceramics Making Co., Ltd. CHINA www.taierchina.com
Pingyin Jincheng Chemical Plant CHINA www.jinchengchem.com.cn
Pingyuan Hengyuan Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.hengyuan-chem.com
Pingyuan Shihuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China www.sdpysh.com
Pingyuan Xinda Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.xdchem.com.cn
Pingyuan Zhongchen Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.zhongchen-chem.com
Pinhu Hongwei Chemical Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.hwchemical.com
Pioneer Herb Co., Ltd. China www.pioneerherb.com
PIS Life Sciences Pvt Ltd India www.pislife.com
Planet Chemicals Pte., Ltd Singapore www.planetchem.com
Plantsman Ltd. China www.plantsman.cn
Plastic City Fine Chemicals Limited CHINA www.jinjiaochem.com