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Company Country & Region Website
La Mesta Chimie Fine S.A.S. France www.la-mesta.com
Lab Express USA www.labexpress.com
LabChem Inc. USA www.labchem.net
Labinova AB Europe www.labinova.se
Laboratory of Technological Processes Faculty of Chemistry Warsaw University of Technology Poland lpt.ch.pw.edu.pl
Laboratory Suppliers USA www.labsupp.com
Labotest OHG Germany www.labotest.com
Labscientific, Inc. USA www.labscientific.com
Labscoop www.labscoop.com
Labscoop www.labseeker.com
Lacamas Laboratories USA www.lacamaslaboratories.com
LACH-NER, s.r.o. CZECH REPUBLIC www.adamantane.com
Laifeng Hengfa Pharm & Chemical Group Co., Ltd CHINA www.hengfapharmchem.com
Laiyang Shuangshuang Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.ssxh.com
Laiyang Xianghe Biochemical Products Co., Ltd. China www.bio-xianghe.com
Laizhou Changhe Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.lzchanghe.com
LaiZhou City Dadi Salt Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.dadi-chem.com.cn
Laizhou City-tai Chemical Co. CHINA www.guangtaichem.com
Laizhou Laiyu Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.laiyu.com
Laizhou Tengfei Chemical Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.tfchemical.com
Laizhou Xinhe Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.lzlsm.com
LAKESIDE Trading Limited in Wuxi City CHINA www.binhuchem.com
Lamberti Synthesis USA, Inc. USA www.lamberti.com
Lambson Fine Chemicals Limited UNITED KINGDOM www.lambson.com
Lampang Industrial and Trade Company in Shanghai CHINA www.shnanbang.com
Lancrix Chemicals. China www.lancrix.com
Langene Bio-science Co., Ltd CHINA www.langene.com
Langfang Beixin Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.beixinchem.com
Langfang Fuhai Additive Co., Ltd. China www.fuhaihuagong.cn
Langfang Gaobo Jingband Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China www.gaobopharm.com
Langfang GreatAp Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.grechembld.com
Langfang Hawk Techology & Development Co., Ltd. China www.hawk-chinachem.com
Langfang Longquan Flux Co., Ltd. China www.chinalq.com
Langfang Longtengyu Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. China www.lflty.com
Langfang Longyi Fine Chemicals Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.longyichem.com
Langfang Triple Well Chemicals Co., Ltd CHINA www.finechemicals-china.com
Langfang Xingye Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.xingye-chem.com
Langway Chemical Shanghai Co., Ltd CHINA www.langwaychem.com
Langxi Kehong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. China www.kh-chemical.com
Lanhua Xiangxin Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.chinaxiangxin.com
Lansdowne Chemicals Plc UNITED KINGDOM www.lansdownechemicals.com
Lanxi Lande Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd. China www.hzstmy.com
Lanxi Longterm International Co., Ltd CHINA www.lxltchem.com
Lanxi Xincheng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA www.xinchengchem.com.cn
Lanxi Yida Chemical Reagent Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.yidareagent.com
Lanzhou Auxiliary Agent Plant CHINA www.lanquan.com
Lanzhou Boc Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.bocchem.com
Lanzhou Chon Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.chonchem.com
Lanzhou Dayang Chemical Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.lzdy.cn
Lanzhou Jinchuan Technology Park Co., Ltd. China www.jnmc.com
Lanzhou Kohn & Shawn Pharmatech Co., Ltd. China www.kyxpharma.com
Lanzhou Mr-Pharm Co., Ltd. China www.mr-pharm.com
Lanzhou Ocean Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.lzzyhg.com
Lanzhou Richvast Company Of Biochemical Science And Technology China www.oedechem.com
Lanzhou Tech Biochemical Co., Ltd. China www.techbiochem.com
Lanzhou Vinylon Group Company CHINA www.vinylons.com
Lanzhou Weiri Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd CHINA www.21wr.com
Laohekou Jinghong Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.jhchemical.com
Laohekou Lianyi Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.lianyichem.cn
Laohekou Xinjing Dyechemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.lhkxj.com
Larodan Fine Chemicals AB Sweden www.larodan.se
Lasa Laboratory Pvt Ltd. India www.lasalabs.com
Latoxan FRANCE www.latoxan.com
Lavem Chine Pharm Company China www.lavemc.com
Laxmi Genchem Sciences Private Limited India www.laxmigenchem.com
Laxmi Organic Industries Ltd. INDIA www.laxmiorganic.co.in
LC Laboratoies USA www.lclabs.com
LC Laboratories USA www.lclabs.com
LC Scientific Inc. Canada www.lcsci.com
LDER I&T Co., ltd Taiwan, China www.lderint.com
Le Chem Organics SA SWITZERLAND www.lechem.com
LeadGen Labs, LLC USA www.leadgenlabs.com
Leaf Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.leafchemical.com
Leawell International Limited Hong Kong, China www.leawell.com.cn
Lee Biosolutions, Inc. USA www.leebio.com
Lee Chang Yung Chemical Industry CHINA www.lcy.com.tw
Leeo Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.leeo.cn
Legend Chemistry Technology Co., Ltd. China www.legendchemistry.com
Lemman Laboratories International Co., Ltd. China www.lemmanlab.com
LEO OVERSEAS USA www.leooverseas.com
Leonid Chemicals Private Limited USA www.leonidchemicals.com
Leping Henghui Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.hhchem.cc
Leping Qike Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.qikechem.com
Leping Safely Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. China www.safelypharm.com
Leping Zhongsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.zhongshengchem.com
Leshan Sanjiu-Longmarch Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd CHINA www.longmarch-cn.com
Letopharm Limited China www.letopharm.com
Letter Chemical Co., the Shanghai-ling CHINA www.shlxhg.com
Letter da Tianjin Import and Export Trading Co. Ltd. (Jixian Plant under three branch) CHINA www.tjxdftrade.com
Leva International Trade Company(Dongguan Chengtai Chemical Co.,Ltd. ) CHINA www.leva.cn
Levachem Co., Ltd. China www.levachem.com
Liangyungang Jiewei Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.jieweichem.com
Lianshui Jinlan Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.jinlan-chem.com
Lianyang City Hongwei District Synthetic Catalyst Factory CHINA www.lycatalyst.com
Lianyuangang Duxiang Chemicals Co., Ltd CHINA www.duxiangchem.com
Lianyungang Cca Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.ccachem.com
Lianyungang Chiral Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.chiral-compounds.com
Lianyungang Darui Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.daruichem.com
Lianyungang Dead Sea Bromine Compounds Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.lygdsbg.com
Lianyungang Debang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA www.dbfine.com.cn