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Company Country & Region Website
i-CHESS Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. India www.i-chess-chemicals.com
I.C. Trading Co., Inc. USA www.ic-trading.com
Ibis Chemie International USA www.ibischemie.com
ICanchemical Co., Ltd. China www.shsrchemical.com
ICL - Industrial Products ISRAEL www.icl-industrial.com
ICL Industrial Products ISRAEL www.dsbg.com
ICROM SpA ITALY www.icrom.com
Ideal Chemical Ltd. China www.idlchem.com
Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. JAPAN www.idemitsu.co.jp
Iffect Chemphar Co., Ltd. China www.iffchem.com.cn
Ikeda Industries Corporation USA www.ikedabussan.com
Impag Import GmbH SWITZERLAND www.impag.de
Imperial College of Yanshi with Limited CHINA www.chinataixue.com
In Kay Chemical Technology Ltd. CHINA www.gdchnv.cn
In-sum Zibo Chemical Co. CHINA www.zibozhongsen.com
Inalco S.p.A. Italy www.inalcogroup.com
Indestructible Paint Europe www.indestructible.co.uk
India Pesticides Limited USA www.indiapesticideslimited.com
Indian Chemphar Limited USA www.indianchemphar.com
Indiana Chem-Port USA www.indianachem-port.com
Indium Corporation of America USA www.indium.com
Indo-Nippon Chemical Co., Ltd. India www.indo-nippon.com
Indofine Chemical Company, Inc. USA www.indofinechemical.com
Indspec Chemical SWITZERLAND www.indspec-chem.com
Indus Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. India www.indusbio.com
Industrial Research Ltd. New Zealand www.irl.cri.nz
INEOS Oxide BELGIUM www.ineosoxide.com
InFarmatik, Kft. Hungary www.infarmatik.com
Infinium Pharmachem Pvt Ltd. India www.sodiumiodide.net
Ingenieria-analitica SPAIN www.ingenieria-analitica.com
Inner Mogolia Otoq Qi Shuangxin Chemical Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.sxchemical.com
Inner Mongolia Baiyanhu Chemical Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.baiyanhu.com
Inner Mongolia Chemical Lichuan limited liability company (former chemical plant Bameng farmers HKMA) CHINA www.bayan-na2s.com
Inner Mongolia Chromium Co., Ltd CHINA www.chinachrome.com
Inner Mongolia IHJUCHEM Industrial Co., Ltd. China www.ihjuchem.com
Inner Mongolia Linhai Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.linhaichem.com
InnoChemTech GmbH Germany www.innochemtech.de
Innophos, Inc. USA www.innophos.com
InnovaChem Technology, Inc. USA www.innovachem.com
Innovapharm Ltd. Ukraine www.innovapharm.com.ua
Innovation Yixing City Fine Chemical Co. CHINA www.yxchuangxin.com.cn
Innuovo chem-dyes co.,Hengdian Group (Hengdian Group Dyestuff Chemical Co., Ltd.) CHINA www.hddyes.com
Inpour Pharmaceutical Technical Inc CHINA www.inpour.com
Insight Chemical Solutions Ltd. www.insightchem.com
Insight Finechem Co., Ltd. China www.ifc.cn
Insight High Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. China www.iht.com.cn
Institute of Chemistry Slovakia www.chem.sk
Institute of Petrochemistry, Heilongjiang Academy of Science China www.oledchem.cn
Intatrade Chemicals GmbH www.intatrade.de
InTechTra, Inc. USA www.asiawind.com
Integra Chemical Company USA www.integrachem.com
Inter-Chemical Ltd CHINA www.inter-chemical.com
Interbioscreen Ltd. Russia www.ibscreen.com
Interchem Corporation USA www.interchem.com
Interchim France www.interchim.com
Interchim Inc. USA www.interchiminc.com
Interfibe Corporation USA www.interfibe.com
Intermed Ltd. Ukraine www.intermedchemicals.com
International Gases and Chemicals Ltd. Europe www.intergas.co.uk
International Industrial Chemical Park S.A.E. www.iicpglobal.com
International Laboratory Limited USA www.intlab.org
Interquim S.A. USA www.interquim.com.mx
Invitrogen Corporation USA www.invitrogen.com
IOLITEC Ionic Liquids Technologies, Inc. USA www.iolitec-usa.com
Ionic Liquids Technologies GmbH & Co. KG Germany www.iolitec.de
IRIS Biotech GmbH Germany www.iris-biotech.de
IS Chemicals Co., Ltd. South Korea www.ischemical.com
ISKY Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.iskychem.com
Island Pyrochemical Industries USA www.islandgroup.com
Iso Sciences USA isosciences.com
IsoSep AB SWEDEN www.isosep.com
ISP Ltd USA www.ispcorp.com
ISTROCHEM Europe www.istrochem.sk
ITIC Medchem(Suzhou) Co., Ltd. China www.iticmedchem.com
IU Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.iu-chem.com
Ivkeyan www.ivkeyan.com
Ivy Fine Chemicals USA www.ivychem.com
Iwaki Seiyaku Co., Ltd USA www.iwakiseiyaku.co.jp