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Company Country & Region Website
C D N Isotopes Inc. Canada www.cdnisotopes.com
C&O Pharmaceutical Technology (Holdings) Limited China www.changao.com
C-Tech Corporation USA www.ctechcorporation.com
C/D/N Isotopes USA www.cdniso.com
CABB AG Switzerland www.cabb-chemicals.com
CAC Shanghai (Group) Co., Ltd. China www.cacch.com
CacheSyn Inc. Canada www.cachesyn.com
Cactus Botanics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. China www.cactusbotanics.com
Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited USA www.cadilapharma.com
Cal Plastics and Metals USA www.calplasticsandmetals.com
CALCUTTA CHEMICAL CORPORATION USA www.calcuttayellowpages.com
Caledon Laboratories Ltd. CANADA www.caledonlabs.com
CALSAK CHEMICALS USA www.calsakchemicals.com
Caltag Laboratories USA www.caltag.com
Caltex Australia Australia www.caltex.com.au
Cambrex Corporation USA www.cambrex.com
Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. USA www.isotope.com
Cambridge Major Laboratories, Inc USA www.c-mlabs.com
Cameo Healthcare India Pvt. Ltd USA www.cameohealthcare.com
Camida Europe www.camida.com
Camphor Technologies, Inc. USA www.camphortech.com
Canaimex-Wuhan Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd CHINA www.canaimex.com
Canfo Natural Products Co., Ltd CHINA www.natural-chem.com
Cangzhou Dafeng Feed Additive Co., Ltd CHINA www.czlhdj.com
Cangzhou Goldlion Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.goldlionchem.com
Cangzhou Green Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.green-chem.com
Cangzhou Huaguang Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.huaguangchemical.com
Cangzhou Huatong Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA www.cangzhouchem.com
Cangzhou Jindai Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA www.czjdchem.com
Cangzhou Kangzhuang Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.czkz.com
Cangzhou Kangzhuang Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.czhg.com.cn
Cangzhou LingangLongda Chemical Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.longdashihua.com
Cangzhou Reaction Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.ruixinchem.com
Cangzhou Ruidong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. China www.ruidongchem.com
Cangzhou Senary Chemical S & T Co., Ltd. China www.senary.com
Cangzhou Xueyang Gelatin Co., Ltd CHINA www.jjmj.com
CANTON CHEM, INC. USA www.cantonchem.com
Canton Laboratories USA www.cantonindia.com
Canton Oledking Optoelectric Materials Co., Ltd CHINA www.oledking.com
Capot Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.capotchem.com
CARBOCHEM, Inc. USA www.carbochem.com
Carbocore Research Chemicals and Intermediates USA www.carbocore.com
CarboMer, Inc. USA www.carbomer.com
Carbon Energy (China) Limited China www.carbonenergychina.com
Carbone Scientific Co., Ltd. www.carbonesci.com
Carbopharm GmbH AUSTRIA www.carbopharm.com
Carborine Technologies Ltd. China www.carborine.com
Carbosynth Limited www.carbosynth.com
Carbott PharmTech Inc. China www.carbottpharm.com
Cardinal Industries USA www.cardinal-ind.com
Cardolite Corporation USA www.cardolite.com
Carl Roth GmbH & Co.KG GERMANY www.carl-roth.de
Carolina International Sales Co., Inc. USA www.ciscochem.com
Cartoon Ingredients Co., Ltd CHINA www.cartooningred.com
CAS Organic Company UKRAINE www.casorganic.com
CastChem (Hangzhou) Inc. CHINA www.china-castchem.com
Catalycia Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.catalycia.com
Catapharma USA www.catapharma.com
CAUSMAG INTERNATIONAL Australia www.causmag.com.au
Cayman Chemical Company USA www.caymanchem.com
CBIS International Ltd. USA www.cbis-group.net
CBW Chemie GmbH Bitterfeld-Wolfen - your partner for custom synthesis NORWAY www.cbwchem.com
CCA (Changzhou) Biochemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.ccabiochem.com
CCI (China) Co.Ltd. CHINA www.cci-china.com
CEC Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.cecchem.com
CEG Chemical Science & Technology Co., Ltd. China www.cegchemical.com
Celanese Chemicals USA www.celanese.com
Celanese co. GERMANY www.vinamulpolymers.com
Celanese Corporation GERMANY www.chemvip.com
Celestial Labs Ltd. India www.celestiallabs.com
Cellcyto Co., Ltd. China www.cellcyto.com
Celtic Chemicals Ltd. www.celticchemicals.co.uk
Central Bureau of Shandong letter limited liability company CHINA www.xinkechem.com
Central Glass Co. Ltd. JAPAN www.cgco.co.jp
Century Multech Inc. USA www.centurymultech.com
CERAC, Inc. USA www.cerac.com
Ceres Chemical Co. Inc. USA www.cereschemical.com
Cerilliant Corporation USA www.cerilliant.com
CFM Oskar Tropitzsch Germany www.cfmot.de
CGeneTech, Inc. USA www.cgenetech.com
CGIAR Reach Nanjing Chemical Company CHINA www.njnyd.com
Chaitanya Chemicals India www.bariumindia.com
Chance Door International Co., Ltd CHINA www.chancedoor.com
Chancease International Co., Ltd. China www.chancease.com
Chandraprabhu Pharma Services India www.chandraprabhu.in
ChangChem Co., Ltd CHINA www.changchem.com
Changchun Banhe Technology Co., Ltd. China www.banhetec.com
Changde Yungang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. China www.cdyg.com
Changfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA www.changfengchem.com
Changheng Chemicals Fertilizer Ltd. China www.chemfert.net
Changhzou Qishuyan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.p2o5china.com
CHANGJE TRADING CO., LTD South Korea www.changje.com
Changmao Biochemical Engineering Co., Ltd. China www.cmbec.com
Changsha Active Ingredients Group Inc. China www.aigi-herb.com
Changsha Amphenom Fine Chemicals R & D Co., Ltd. China www.amphenom.com
Changsha Asian Light Economic Trade Co., Ltd. China www.zgmy.net
Changsha cellular pigment Chemical Co. CHINA www.chinacpcp.com
Changsha Chemical Industry Research Institute CHINA www.chemcs.com
Changsha Chromar Pharmaceutical Techno. Co., Ltd. China www.chromar.com
Changsha Chuyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd CHINA www.cscykj.com