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Company Country & Region Website
B&M Chemicals Limited USA www.bmindia.com
B.C. Chemicals Ltd. CANADA www.canfor.com
Bachem AG Switzerland www.bachem.com
Baddley Chemicals, Inc. USA www.baddley.com
Bailing Agrochemical Group China www.bailingcn.com
Baixiang County Hong-yuan offer limited liability company CHINA www.hebhongyuan.com
Bajaj Healthcare Pvt Ltd CANADA www.bajajhealth.com
Bajaj Organics Pvt Ltd USA www.bajajorganics.com
BALAJI AMINES LTD. INDIA www.balajiamines.com
Balend (xiamen) Pharm Technology Co., Ltd. China www.balend.com
BAM Biotech Co., Ltd. China www.bambio.com
Bao Thai Industrial Co., Ltd. CHINA www.pautai.com
Baoding Dongfa Group China www.dongfagroup.com
Baoding Glorious Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.gloriouschem.com
Baoding Haoshen Dyes & Chemical Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.haoshendyes.com
Baoding Hengrun Chemical Co. CHINA www.aoranchem.com
Baoding Hengrun Chemical Co. CHINA www.ayquanfeng.com
Baoding Hengrun Chemical Co. CHINA www.hr-chem.com
Baoding Huiqiang Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.huiqiangchem.com
Baoding Jahe Biochem Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd CHINA www.bdchem.com
Baoding Lucky Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.bdluckychem.com
Baoding Mancheng Rongtai Dyestuffs Chemical Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.rongtaidyes.com
Baoding New Century Bio-Chemicals Co., Ltd. China www.bdncbc.com
Baoding Shunda Dyestuff Chemical Factory CHINA www.sddyes.com
Baoding Zhongbao Chemical Industry Trading Co., Ltd. China www.zbhggroup.cn
Baoji Aivchem Biotechnology Co., Ltd. China www.avkchem.com
Baoji Herbest Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. China www.herbest.cn
Baoji Hongyuan Bio-Technology Co., Ltd CHINA www.hyherb.com
Baoji Jinyang Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.baojijinyang.com
Baoji Renshou Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. China www.sxherb.com
Baoji Rock Non-Ferrous Metal Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.bj-rock.com
Baoji Rock Pharmachem Co., Ltd. China www.bjrock.com
Baoshuang chemical Co.,Ltd CHINA www.baoshuang.com
Baoying County, Jiangsu Province chemical additives plant CHINA www.hongguangchem.com
Baoying Fengdie Dyestuff and Chemical Co., Ltd. CHINA www.fengdiechem.com
Baoying Huasheng Chemicals Co., Ltd CHINA www.huashengchem.cn
Baoying Runyang Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.runyangchem.com
Baoying Zhongbao Yunpeng Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.zhongbao.com
Barium And Chemicals, Inc. USA www.bariumchemicals.com
Barker Industries, Inc. USA www.barkerind.com
Basic Pharma Life Science Pvt., Ltd. India www.basicpharmachem.com
BASR Fine Chemicals INDIA www.basrtech.com
Bayee International Trading Co., Ltd. China www.bayeetrade.com
Bayer MaterialScience USA www.bayermaterialsciencenafta.com
Bazhou Lude Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.bzlude.com
BBI International www.buybbi.com
Be-Long Int'l Group China www.be-longgroup.com
Beckmann-Kenko GmbH Germany www.beckmann-kenko.com
Bedoukian Research, Inc. USA www.bedoukian.com
Beginning in Lu'an City of chemical limited liability company CHINA www.jietondachem.com
Behn Meyer International Malaysia www.behnmeyer.com
Beijing Aasenbo Pharmaceutical Science Ltd. China www.aasenbo.com
Beijing Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. China www.chemkingdom.com
Beijing Aglaia Technology & Development Co., Ltd. China www.aglaia-tech.com
Beijing Aleznova Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd CHINA www.bjncm.com
Beijing Beihai Liuhuan Sci-tech Development Co., Ltd. CHINA www.bhlhchem.com
Beijing Beiqing Chuangye Sci. & Tech. Development Co., Ltd CHINA www.bqcy.com
Beijing Bestrong Chemical Co.,Ltd CHINA www.bochuangchem.com
Beijing Boaosen Biotechnology Ltd. CHINA www.bioss.com.cn
Beijing Bode United Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.bduchem.com
Beijing Brilliance Biochemical Co., Ltd. China www.beililai.com
Beijing Chemsun Pharmtech Co., Ltd CHINA www.chemsun.cn
Beijing Chemsynlab Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Co., Ltd. CHINA www.chemsynlab.com
Beijing Chengyu Speciality Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.bjcychem.com
Beijing Chengzhi Life Science Co., Ltd. China www.lifecz.com
Beijing China CSIMC Pharmchem Factory CHINA www.csimcpharmchem.com.cn
Beijing Chunpu Center of Application Technology CHINA www.chunpu.com.cn
Beijing Colory Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.colorychem.com
Beijing Comens Chemcial Co., Ltd. China www.puadhesive.com
Beijing Comens Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.co-mens.com
Beijing Dezhong Wanquan Medicines Technological Development Co., Ltd. China www.venturepharm.com
Beijing Dilong Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.bjdilong.com
Beijing Dongfang Lanye Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.dongfanglanye.com.cn
Beijing Donghua Rio Tinto Technology Development Co., Ltd. China www.dhltchem.com
Beijing Eagle Sky Pharmatech Co., Ltd. China www.eagleskypharmatech.com
Beijing East Dezhong Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd CHINA www.dfdzchem.com
Beijing Eastern Acrylic Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. China www.act-chem.com
Beijing Element Chem-tech Company CHINA www.becc-tech.com
Beijing Eternalchem Co., Ltd. China www.eternalchem.com
Beijing FaMuRuiSi Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. China www.pharmbj.com
Beijing Fengli Jingqiu Trade Co., Ltd. CHINA www.fenglichem.com
Beijing FLY Science and Technology Co., Ltd. China www.bjflychem.com
Beijing Fortune Star Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd CHINA www.u-biochem.com
Beijing FortuneStar Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. CHINA www.fs-biochem.com
Beijing Four Principles Technology Co., Ltd. China www.fourprinciple.cn
Beijing Fubide Fine Chemical Co., Ltd CHINA www.fubide.com
Beijing Gaobo Pharm-Chemicals Tech. Co., Ltd CHINA www.gaobo.com
Beijing Gettingday Technology Development Co., Ltd. China www.gettingday.com
Beijing Gianord Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. China www.gianord.com
Beijing Golden Olive Company China www.goldolive.com
Beijing Grandsun Biochem Science & Technology Co., Ltd. China www.jiadechem.com
Beijing Green Agrosino Co., Ltd. CHINA www.agrosino.com
Beijing Green Guardee Technology Co., Ltd. China www.greenguardee.com
Beijing Greenchem Technolory Co., Ltd. China www.chemrocking.com
Beijing Greenlight Industry Development Co., Ltd. China www.greenlight.com.cn
Beijing Gui Tong Hang International Trading Co., Ltd. CHINA www.chinagth.com
Beijing Guolian Chenghui Pharmaceutiacl Technology Co.,Ltd. CHINA www.glchem.com.cn
BeiJing Guolianchenghui Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd CHINA www.glchpharmacy.com.cn